The Nimbus ECOSYSTEM is here to provide your business with amazing new opportunities and skills that before now you had to utilize several different companies to achieve. Don't get left out when it comes to being the next amazing thing.

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  • Gidget

    Gidget is an application that successfully integrates the Customer into the Nimbus Ecosystem. With Gidget on your side you will receive all kinds of valuable metrics and customer insights. Gidget will also extend your sales capabilities into the customers hands.

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  • The Nimbus Ecosystem - A complete Business Solution

    Nimbus is the ultimate modular system with every module capable of working on its own. However when you combine all of the different modules Nimbus becomes the ultimate business machine.

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What is Nimbus

Nimbus is more than just a payment processing system. While yes it does handle all of the major credit cards, Nimbus takes those services to the next level. We start this off by combining the ability to process Gift Cards and loyalty programs with your Credit Card Processing. This allows you as the merchant to have one system to do everything. Spend less time and money on training and keep all of your reporting in one centralized location. Nimbus needed to be a more robust system, so we added the ability to generate, distribute and process coupons to this. This wasn't enough though. We added the ability to process Bitcoin throughout the entire Ecosystem. We still felt our merchants needed more. We then brought the new Beacon Technology along with Gidget into the Ecosystem. With this we successfully integrated the customer to the entire payment process.

While this seems to good to be true we needed to make sure that the Nimbus System was available on every platform with an easy to use interface. Nimbus is available to you on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac and of course our highly dynamic web portal. Every single feature that is available can be used on every platform and software. No more having to jump through hoops just to activate on feature.

We are utilizing both hardware and software to help you set your business apart from the competition. With Gidget, Bitcoin, and our beacon technology all integrated into a singular system you can take your business to heights never thought possible! Welcome to Nimbus.

We offer some of the best competitive rates in the industry and will reward you as your business grows! We will start you at 2.25% and as you increase your credit card processing volume we will lower that percentage as low as 1.80%. That's right Nimbus is the only system in the world that adjust your percentage rate on a monthly basis. It will automatically be adjusted according to how much processing your business does!
One of the strongest purchasing trends occurring is Gift Cards. With Nimbus, this is your chance to make your small business look like, feel like, and respond like a multi-million dollar business!
Everyone has one. They are a way that you can listen to the heartbeat of your clientele. Reward them for staying with you and shopping with you to ensure they always come back!
Coupons are an integral part of doing business in this current economy. Nimbus gives you the ability to create them, distribute them and accept them.
Gidget paired with her beacons is one of the most amazing pieces of technology you can add to your business. Gidget does so many things it is kind of hard to describe them all. First Gidget uses Geo-fencing to alert the customer that they are within so many miles of your location. Thats right, this helps alleviate the fact that you don't have as much foot traffic as you want. Now as they are walking up to your store the beacon systems identifies them as they walk through the door. Now several things begin occurring all at once here. You sales associates will receive the customers name so they can be greeted as they come in. Nimbus will also move the customers demographics and personal information** into your customer action area of Nimbus. The customer will also receive a coupon or sale information directly on their smart phone. If you have a loyalty program setup, you will be able to award the customer for coming in with Walk In Loyalty Points. The customer will also be informed instantly if they have a gift card and what its current balance is. Thats kind of awesome, isn't it! We wanted to take it a little further. Here is where we extend you ability to sell your gift cards and your brand. The customer has the ability to look up your business through Gidget, purchase a Gift Card and pay for it in any way possible through Nimbus, yes that includes Bitcoin. Your customer then has the ability to send that gift card to their friends or family. With Gidget you will be able to reach new customers and sell to new customers while you sleep! Gidget is the Ultimate Shopping companion.

What We Are About

Small Business Owners 100%
Customer Support 100%
Community Oriented 100%

We are a group of Tech Savvy, dedicated small business owning entrepreneurs. We have all had businesses that have done extremely well and we have all had businesses that have done less than stellar. We understand the trials and tribulations that each and every small business goes through. With that in mind we are dedicated to provide you with the tools to not only compete with the big boys but also to help you go far beyond.

We are here for you and your business. We offer 24/7 support for each of products.

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Charlotte NC 28232
Support: +803 (792) 4086
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